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B2B Telephone

B2B Telephone


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back with a “5 minute Friday” audio edition

key concepts I cover in this snippet:

  1. “phone as a friend” as a critical concept in B2B (vs consumer) products

  2. the different tactics used to provide value to prospects (demos, PoCs, etc)

  3. reference-able customers being the highest-leverage tactic of all

  4. why prospects play the telephone game with references

  5. the importance of reference-able customers to a land & expand GTM motion

  6. what product teams can do to partner with GTM to manufacture champions

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further reading / references

  • I’ve elaborated on some well-known B2B SaaS truisms before, including fit changing the status quo, user vs IT pull, and change management as a barrier

  • teaching users your product is all about reducing the effort required by the user to get value OR increasing the literacy level of your target user base

  • a common hurdle when introducing a new B2B solution is change management to prevent “new language, old thoughts”

  • Read more about how “B2B buyers trust what their peers say more than other sources of information” and other big shifts in B2B buying here

childish drawing / interpretation

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