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The Layers of Customer Centricity (v1)

The Layers of Customer Centricity (v1)


back with a “5 minute Friday” audio edition

key concepts I cover in this snippet:

  1. there are multiple layers of customer centricity in B2B products

  2. level 1: reality (an actual, named user with access to budget)

  3. level 2: totality (deep knowledge of the end user’s environment)

  4. level 3: plurality (conviction on a repeatable problem vs one off)

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further reading / references

  • I teach a cohort-based course on scaling B2B products where we discuss such concepts in class and office hours (today’s episode is based on one such exchange)

  • CX loops are a good way to train your organization to be more customer centric

  • my time at Amazon really informed my customer obsession mindset, and you can read more about how they do things in my posts on Bar Raiser and Customer Zero

childish drawing / interpretation

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