Nov 11, 2022 • 5M

Product Intuition vs Conviction

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1 topic, 5 key concepts, covered in a 5 minute audio snippet
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back with a “5 minute Friday” audio edition

key concepts I cover in this snippet:

  1. the difference between product intuition vs conviction

  2. where intuition comes from and how to get to conviction

  3. the job of a product executive vs product manager

  4. what success looks like around intuition vs conviction

  5. the intuition vs conviction communication gap

I’d love to hear from listeners about their attempts balancing product intuition vs conviction - please chime in via comments👇. And if you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing.

further reading / references

  • I’ve drawn a PM ladder before that shows how intuition becomes a more prominent part of the role as you evolve into a leadership role

  • in a past 5 minute Friday, I also talked about honing product judgement, and I’ve also written about the imposter syndrome you can feel when you haven’t formed a point of view

childish drawing / interpretation