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Promo Playbook

Promo Playbook

back with a “5 minute Friday” audio edition

key concepts I cover in this snippet:

  1. there is a playbook for successful promotions in an organization

  2. the 3 key pieces are what, how, and why

  3. what was the quantifiable, undeniable, top-level business impact

  4. how was the impact delivered and perceived cross-functionally

  5. why is now the moment to recognize this person vs just waiting

I’ve summarized this into a visual guide as well…

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further reading / references

  • in the vein of leadership topics, if you’re tackling moving from an individual to management role, check out Your IC Prime, and if you’re a manager looking for frameworks to better understand your direct reports, check out SCARF

  • the 5 C's of Why We Cascade provides tips for storytelling across a company

childish drawing / interpretation

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