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Functional Fluidity

Functional Fluidity


going to try to do a weekly “5 minute Friday” audio series going forward

key concepts I cover in this snippet:

  1. functional fluidity (vs rigidity) is is a more accurate view of people

  2. there are organizations that tend to enable (vs hinder) fluidity

  3. legacy non-digital companies grow employees by encouraging a 360 view

  4. tech companies have different strengths, but miss out on this angle

  5. leaders ultimately have to lead cross-functionally at the highest levels

I’d love to hear from listeners about their observations on blurring functional boundaries - please chime in via comments👇. And if you enjoyed this post, please consider subscribing.

further reading / references

  • I’ve written about PMs that exhibit Functional Fluidity before here

  • the idea of an attribution graph is an attempt to model organizations in a way that would encourage and take advantage of inherent Functional Fluidity

childish drawing / interpretation

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