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Great ep!

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Thanks for the succinct summary of the many different components, or sources/channels of customer and market feedback.

Could you may be elaborate on how or which channel shall be prioritized as a SaaS company transitioning from managed to self-serve, sales-led to product led?

To ask this question more concretely, use SalesForce as an example. It started with a focus on enterprise and gradually permeated into SMB (setting aside how well the product is adopted for the moment). How the customer/market feedback channels shifted or not, during this transition?

With managed services, I think the input would be quite concentrated and highly skewed towards the highest spenders. However, given the volume of SMB users and nuance differences, as well as their characteristics - less sophisticated, cost conscious etc., the use cases and feature/functionality would be very different than enterprise accounts. How then, the director or group product manager shall orchestrate the product and customer feedback loop to ensure they are building the right product for the new market (SMB)?

Thanks for your response in advanced.

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