Origin Story

Hi! I’m Ibrahim Bashir, aka @ibscribe. I’m a VP (product management) @ Amplitude, and I previously built PM teams at Box (in the Platform business), at Twitter (in the Engineering org), and at Amazon (in the Kindle group). You can read more about my professional background here.

For a long time now, I’ve been writing about building teams, shipping products, and repeating outcomes. And I’ve been doing this as a way to clarify my own thinking, connecting the dots from lessons I’ve learned in practice to ideas I’ve absorbed from reading to frameworks I’ve borrowed through collaboration. But other than the occasional magazine publishing or conference talking, I haven’t done this in a structured way. At the start of 2020, I made a resolution to find a canvas to share these work-in-progress musings, and eventually came across Substack, which felt right both as a creator and a consumer. So here goes. I’m polishing and publishing the drafts folder, not just to revisit my own opinions, but for everyone who wants to engage thoughtfully and refine them…

Other Channels

If you like my content but prefer it in a more succinct format, you can follow me on Twitter for quick thoughts and/or follow me on Instagram for visual summaries.

In late March / early April 2022, I will also be offering a live cohort-based course on scaling products in B2B SaaS - you can learn more about the class and sign up here

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My goal is to get something of substance out on a weekly basis, without falling into the quantity over quality trap. When you subscribe you get full access to the newsletter, so you won’t have to worry about missing anything, and every new edition goes directly to your inbox. Also, every update will be accompanied by a childish drawing / interpretation, because it’s the only way my kids will let me write in peace.

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