1. Yes

2. Virtual


6. Focus

7. Bringing product influence in infrastructure services

8. Both

9. Zoom/google meet or open to new

10. $15-20

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Hi Ibrahim, always been silent supporter of your newsletter. Thanks for the survey, which lead me to put my options 😅.

[1] Are you interested in a meetup? yes

[2] If yes, would you prefer in-person or virtual? virtual, since not in US.

[3] If in-person, what location? Bay Area or elsewhere? N/A

[4] If not Bay Area, write in your preferred destination. If outside US; Berlin (Germany), Hyderabad (India)

[5] What type of gathering would you prefer? 'One pizza for the team' concept so 5a

[5a] A small circle of folks at a cozy venue (e.g., coffee shop)

[6] Do you want general networking or focus topics?

[better to have a survey before the meeting and understand peoples' intent for that meet-up]

[7] If focused topics, share 1 topic that is top of mind for you.

[if focused: PLG for B2B Platform products]

[8] Do you want to hear from just me or other PM speakers?

[SMEs for that particular meet-up topic, either-ways]

[9] Any recommendations on a platform / tool to organize a meetup?

[Airmeet > Zoom > Discord > Loom]

[10] What’s a good / realistic “entry fee” idea that isn’t an entry free?


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Responded on the Google form and didn't see the box for topic suggestion (7).

My ranking for 7: 1) Dealer's (Ibrahim's) choice, 2) Brayden's 7, 3) Rahul's 7.

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1. Yes

2. Virtual

4. Vegas/Austin/Denver

5. a

6. Focused

7. Product for the enterprise. How do you make sure you build for the users when they aren’t the buyer.

8. Both

10. Have people pay a nominal amount ($20-30) and use that money for a scholarship. Either for someone to attend who otherwise couldn’t afford to. Or if the meetup is virtual, use it to sponsor someone to do some product education that otherwise might be out of reach.

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In person or virtual

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1. Yes

2. In person

3. Bay Area


6. Focus topic

7. How to influence org-wise product strategy?

8. Both.

9. Eventbrite

10. $20?

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(Feedback - this would have been easier for me to fill out if it were a google or type form. My guess is that it would be easier for you to read the results as well.)

1. Yes, but I don’t live near a place you’d be likely to pick.

2. Virtual


4. Boise

5. A

6. A focused topic.

7. No suggestions

8. Maybe a small panel with Q&A

9. No recommendation

10. Perhaps pay a deposit and get it back when you show up.

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