At a certain scale and vertical, having an opinion about the market will allow your product to shape it - the market will meet you. But this is probably rare.

Interesting to think that removing features can actually get you further along the curved, and aligned with the market. Relatedly, stratification comes into play at some point, so the same product can meet different market segments (you might consider several curves in one graph).

Lastly, I do wonder if "subscriptions" tend to become a replacement for truly meeting needs, as you have the proxy for success (recurring revenue) but without knowing if and how your product should evolve in terms of feature set and capabilities and bundling to match a future market state (I'm thinking x delivery).

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Mar 22, 2023Liked by @ibscribe

Really appreciated this tweak on PMF; it’s an iterative + dynamic process where the GTM team needs to contribute whether thru Marketing campaigns, Sales altering purchase dynamics (to de-risk for buyer) or Partners helping to clear up rough edges on a buying experience.

Thanks for sharing; gonna riff on this with my Product team.

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Sep 13, 2022Liked by @ibscribe

Another interesting thing to note would be how 1 product's state of PMF can get affected by another product's rise/fall. Ex. - You have PMF - another product keeps improving and raises market's standards - your product falls off the PMF cliff.

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