Great framework. Structural advantage is accrued by constantly optimizing the value delivery chain for your product(s). It should remain crystal clear what time, money, and effort is required to deliver an outcome for customers and partners. Over time, and as a company grows, it gets more opaque, and core competencies are diluted. Companies may end up spending a lot on something that doesn't move the needle, but becomes deeply embedded in process, culture, etc.

Comes back to the importance of declaring what you must *stop* doing (or won't do) as something that's just as important as deciding what to take on next.

The company must be structured to execute, and that means refinements and 'shedding' to remain competitive. Thanks, Ibrahim! P.S. I think this framework (with minor tweaks) applies to people development as well.

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Thanks Ibrahim. Can you give one or two examples on how you applied the differentiation test to one or two companies? Just to tie abstract to reality?

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