This article got me thinking about a couple things

(1) building products is a two way conversation with your customer - a line I stole from Sense & Respond, a good book summarized in this article here: https://jeffgothelf.com/blog/volkswagens-electric-car-ambitions-a-sense-respond-case-study/.

(2) progressive disclosure to help customers learn your product with just enough information given to them to experience the value - https://www.nngroup.com/articles/progressive-disclosure/. As I've read more about this concept you see it in practice with things like hamburger menus and hidden complex features, but I'm trying to think about how it can be used to get customers to their first win with little distraction, then how do you tack on more complexity over time, almost like levels in a video game. Ideally with a good customer feedback framework you could learn what helps customers learn your product progressively giving them many aha moments along the way.

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