That's a great article. I really liked Never Spilt the Difference, definitely timeless, and I agree with her that Thinking Fast and Slow could have been a Medium post. It was good but I found myself skipping sections because it was soooo much.

Here are some of the ones that stick with me and were worth the read aka "timeless":

Difficult Conversations, The Design of Everyday Things, Badass: Making Users Awesome, Freakonomics - the first book to convince me I like non fiction and how to challenge my assumptions, Sense & Respond - great book on instituting a practice of continuous learning and customer feedback loops, Brain Rules

Here are some that I wanted to like but honestly didn't get much out of as a book, it could have been a short video or article aka "spineless":

4 Disciplines of Execution - could have been a listicle, Getting Things Done, An Everyone Culture - could have been an article, Principles

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Timeless: The Power Broker

Spineless: Crucial Conversations

My favorite quote from the book:

"I’m always surprised at the number of individuals who suggest that the book has helped them immensely, yet when I ask them what specific part has been of most assistance, they hesitantly explain that they haven’t exactly read much of the book at all—okay they’re only scanned the book—but somehow the title, cover, headers, and first few pages have served them well. And they aren’t kidding. A quick glance has helped them enormously."

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